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Kaiser, Ken

Senior Maintenance Mechanic Ken Kaiser of Facilities and his fellow maintenance workers went to check on the Cranford Campus when Hurricane Sandy struck on Oct. 29-30. For the next 10 days, on 12-hour shifts, the crew worked to clean up trees and debris and lug precious diesel fuel to keep the Cranford generators working throughout the week-long power outage. Without the generators, Union would have lost the ability to communicate to students and staff via email, the Web site, and portals. By maintaining power to the servers, the College was also able to create and maintain an online Hurricane Sandy ANGEL Shell for Cranford classes. With diesel fuel in short supply throughout the region, Mr. Kaiser and the maintenance crew had to rig up special pumps to draw fuel from the tanks in the Elizabeth Campus and transport it to Cranford in small tanks and one 56-gallon drum he borrowed from a friend. He says of his fellow maintenance workers, "They busted their hump cleaning up the Campus, clearing fallen trees, and hauling diesel throughout the week. We wanted to make Cranford look like it was before the hurricane. If you ask me, all of the maintenance workers are ‘Hurricane Heroes.'"
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