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Hall of Fame

The Union County College Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1999 to honor outstanding athletes, teams and coaches for their athletic performance, leadership, and team contributions while at Union County College.  Since the first induction ceremony in 1999, the Hall of Fame has welcomed over 65 honored inductees.  The Inductees for the Hall of Fame were determined by the selection committee based on nominations and detailed research. The Hall of Fame is located in the Victor M. Richel Student Commons outside of the gymnasium.
TitleFirst NameMiddle NameLast NameSuffixHall of Fame/SportHall of Fame YearDeceased
Mr.Bruce Burnett Men's Basketball1999 
Mr.Ben Candelino Men's Basketball1999 
Mr. Jack Casais Men's Soccer1999 
Mr.GrantR.Cuthill Men's Soccer1999 
Mrs.TeresaA.Flynn-Morris Women's Basketball 1999 
Ms.NancyL.Foster Women's Basketball 1999 
Ms.DonnaL.Garbinski-Dunn Men's Soccer1999 
Ms.Joan Harris-Polidore Women's Basketball 1999 
Mr.Gino Labbate Men's Soccer1999 
Mr.MichaelL.LaBrutto Golf1999 
Mrs.TeresaA.Morris Women's Basketball 1999 
Mr.Verlaine Noelsaint Men's Soccer1999 
Mr.DiegoL.Ospina Men's Soccer1999 
Ms.KathleenA.Penczak Women's Basketball 1999 
Mr.FredrickJ.Perry Coach1999 
Mr.LeonardC.Siter Golf1999 
Mr.Jack Zissel Contributor 1999(Deceased)
Mr.JamesA.Baglin Men's Basketball2000 
Ms.DonnaM.Herran Women's Basketball 2000 
Ms.Ann Kuhn Women's Basketball 2000 
Mr.Jacob Martin Men's Basketball2000 
Ms.Shirlynn Shirley Women's Basketball 2000 
Ms.SharonK.Almeida Women's Basketball 2001 
Mr.DeShawn Charles Men's Basketball2001 
Prof.WilliamE.Dunscombe Golf - Coach2001 
Ms.Raquia Johnson Women's Basketball 2001 
Mr.Dan Kelleher Men's Basketball2001 
Mr. Thomas Pawlowski Counselor2001(Deceased)
Mr.Rashaan Barner Men's Basketball2002 
Mrs.AnneN.Degenhardt Women's Basketball 2002 
Ms.KarenA.Kreitz Women's Basketball 2002 
Dr.Stephen Parker Team Physician2002 
Mr.Louis Romeo Men's Basketball2002 
Prof.TedR.Tharney Men's Soccer - Coach2002 
Ms.Tracey Gaskin-Napoleon Women's Basketball 2003 
Mrs.SheriKranickHighberger Women's Basketball 2003 
Ms.CherylH.Bell-Forte Women's Basketball 2004 
Mr.George BrownIIIMen's Basketball2004 
Mr.Kevin Duggan Basketball - Coach2004 
Ms.AnneR.Matthews Women's Basketball 2004 
Mr.Jacek Sokolnicki Men's Soccer2004 
Ms.CrystalD.Cosby Women's Basketball2005 
Ms.Patrice Difabio Contributor 2005 
Ms.Carol Mellendick Women's Basketball 2005 
Mr. ShawnH.Blakewood Men's Basketball2006 
Mr.TawayneM.Bryan Men's Soccer2006 
Mr.Peter-John Falloon Men's Soccer2006 
Ms.KerryL.Shine Women's Basketball2006 
Mr.JosephD.Thomas Men's Basketball2006 
Ms.EileenM.Jackson Women's Basketball 2007 
Mr.JosephS.Morse Men's Basketball2007 
Ms.Debbie Westrol-Shrubsall Women's Basketball 2007 
Dr.JoanneM.Hudak Women's Basketball 2008 
Mr.LeightonGLowers Men's Soccer2008 
Mr.DewayneWThompson Men's Soccer2008 
Dr.Thomas Brown Former Union County College2009 
Ms.FanishaM.Clark Women's Basketball 2009 
Mr.Marc Henkel Golf 2009 
Ms.AprilV.Smith Women's Basketball 2009 
Mr.Christopher Coral Men's Soccer2010 
Mrs.Kathleen Devlin Silva Women's Basketball 2010 
Ms.Sharan Ford Hardman Women's Basketball 2010 
Ms.Marbely Montas Women's Basketball 2011 
Ms.Janell Nelson Women's Basketball 2011 
Mr.VictorG.Rios Men's Soccer2011 
Mr.Herve Vilaire Men's Soccer2011 
Mr. Alex Louis Men's Soccer - Coach2011
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