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Meet Kaycie Lynn O'Donnell


Are you a member of any club or student group?: I am President of the Mu Alpha Theta mathematics Honor Society. I'm in Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society. Due to scheduling conflicts, I haven’t been able to join all of the clubs that I wanted. I am hoping that during this semester I will have free time when clubs are meeting so I can participate more fully. I also work for the Webmaster in College Relations.

Favorite Class at Union: One of the classes I had the most fun in was General Psychology with Dr. Smith. I look forward to taking another class with him.

Why did you choose Union?: Coming to Union made economic sense and enabled me to figure out what I am most interested in without the added stress of student loans. I feel that having an Associate’s Degree is a good first step in my education and it’s nice because you have something to show for your hard work.

What is your fondest memory so far at Union?: My fondest memories so far are from spending hours in the cafeteria with my study group and having friends stop by to say hello and end up staying for a while. It turns into a lot of fun.

Interesting fact about yourself: I like to write poetry and am hoping to squeeze in a Shakespeare class before I leave Union.

What is the biggest adjustment you had to make coming to college?: I came from a high school with very little diversity… One of my favorite things about being at Union is walking down the hallways or sitting in the cafeteria and hearing so many other languages spoken. It’s really great to meet people from all cultures and have classes with people of varying ages. It offers a terrific new perspective on what we’re learning.

Career or further education goals: After I graduate with an Associate of Science degree, I plan on transferring and getting my Bachelors in Mathematics and then either a Masters or a Ph.D.

Is there anything else we ought to know about you?: I am a huge fan of the long running, British, SciFi series, Doctor Who and in general I like British television. I would like to someday travel to England and Ireland. Despite what could have been a serious technical error, I managed to amaze my classmates with a stunning presentation based on Doctor Who for my Computer Programming final project.

I am actually going to run out of Calculus classes here and that’s why I’m taking a couple extra classes to be able to graduate in the two years even though it’s going to be a very busy year.

I've actually been coming here since I was in elementary school. When I was younger I took classes through College For Kids. It seemed natural to come here for college.

I can name the specific episode and plot for several television shows after watching less than 30 seconds.

I am a night owl.



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