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Meet Eddie Jersey Karmin

Westfield, NJ
Class of 2013

What’s with the name?: I came up with that when I started working on the radio here. The first couple of weeks on UCCR, I was using my real name. I thought it would be cool to have a radio name. I thought of Johnny Knoxville and came up with “Eddie Jersey.”

Age: 27

Are you a member of any club or student group?: Inklined Film Club, Art Society and Union County College Radio

Favorite Class at Union:  I liked all of my classes, especially my film classes with Carl Cuttita and my history class with Professor Joseph Margiotta.

Why did you choose Union?: Close to home and the course of study I wanted was provided.

Tell us about your on campus employment?: I worked for Carl Cuttitia for the past three semesters. I love working for him. I love being able to help the students with their film projects.

What is your fondest memory so far at Union?:
  Filming and premiering Looking for Amanda Kill. It was an amazing experience an
d I'd like to thank everyone involved.

Specifically, name one warm, fuzzy memory you have of this experience?: The best thing for the whole production was the day that Dr. McMenamin showed up for her scenes as Betty Jennings, News Reporter. The entire cast and crew turned around and realized that the film was really happening. It was time to get serious. Also, the friendships that I made and the ones I made stronger because of the film.

Interesting fact about yourself: I always wear my hat, but I took it off for graduation.

What is the biggest adjustment you had to make coming to college?: Probably actually cracking down on myself and getting the work done after skimming through high school.

Career or further education goals: Film Production

Is there anything else we ought to know about you: I love to be creative and working on projects where I am able to show off my talents and capabilities.


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