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Meet Adio Motayne

Liberal Studies
Irvington, New Jersey

Are you a member of any club or student group?:

Black Heritage Student Organization, Christian Fellowship Organization, and The Scroll.

Favorite Class at Union:

English 102

Why did you choose Union?:
I wanted to be in an environment that would not divert me from my goals.

What is your fondest memory so far at Union?:

Playing improvised songs with a group of musicians, and realizing that I truly am musically talented.

What has sparked your interest in wanting to pursue this degree?

 I choose to do Liberal Studies, because I wish to pursue anthropology in the four-year institution that I will be attending in the future. Since Anthropology is not offered here, I decided on doing Liberal Studies since it had the best course options that are aligned with making my transition easier into my future four- year institution.

What kind of job do you see yourself doing?

I intend on becoming an anthropologist in the future, and I aspire to help eliminate poverty from the face of this earth. That is my life goal. I plan to achieve it through the study of anthropology, but in order for me to really make money I intend on working as an anthropologist and connect large corporations with their customer base. For example, if Wal-Mart wanted to establish a business in Afghanistan, they would need to know how best to make themselves look appealing to the natives. As an anthropologist I will be able to immerse myself in the culture that is foreign to the company and begin to understand the demands and ethics of the people.

What instrument you play?
As of now the only instrument that I can confidently say that I play is the, Djembe, which is the traditional African drum.

Interesting fact about yourself:
I have a pet bearded dragon named, Steeze.

What is the biggest adjustment you had to make coming to college?:
Learning to have the discipline to read for long periods of time

Career or further education Goals:
After I receive my associate’s degree from Union County College, I intend on transferring to a four-year institution and earning my bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.

What else we ought to know about you?
I enjoy finding new opportunities and adventures in life. It is how I maintain my vitality.

How has Union County College changed you as a person/ what did you take the most from being a student at Union County College?
Union County College allowed me to learn what I am intellectually capable of accomplishing, and allowing me to be more ambitious than I have ever been in my life.
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