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International Studies

Option offered through Liberal Arts
The International Studies option is designed for traditional transfer-oriented students seeking a baccalaureate or higher degree in international affairs leading to possible careers with multinational corporations, the federal government, or international organizations. Community leaders interested in foreign policy issues and business people seeking to expand their knowledge of the international economy within the global system may also find this program of interest.
Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will have:
  • The ability to think critically about the global system
  • A familiarity with the history and culture of those civilizations which have interacted with the west over the last several centuries 
  • Knowledge of the basic operation of the international system of sovereign states from the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648 to its current evolution
  • An understanding of the causes of war and the efforts made to produce alternative methods of conflict resolution, including collective security through the United Nations
  • An awareness of the roles played by intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), such as WTO, WHO, UNESCO, and non-government organizations (NGOs), such as Green Peace, in the global system
  • Familiarity with the development and growth of the Global Economy
  • An understanding of the role of multinational corporations(MNCs) within the international system
  • Familiarity with statistics so that students can analyze population trends, economic projections, and political data
  • Sensitivity to the different value systems, ideologies, national interests, and alternative business practices of various cultures


First Year

First Semester

ENG 101 - English Comp I
                  Modern Language***
HIS 101 - Intro to Western Civilization I **** or
HIS 209 - 20th Century European History
MAT 117 - Intro to Math Ideas or
MAT 119 - Algebra  or
CIS 100 - Intro to Computer Applications* or
                  Higher Level Math/Sci/Tech course ****
GEO 201 - World Geography**

Second Semester

ENG 102 - English Comp II
                  Modern Language ***
HIS 102 - Intro to Western Civilization II**** or
HIS 215 - American Experience in the 20th Century
ECO 201 - Principles of Economics I
MAT 127 - Elementary Statistics** or
                  Higher Level Statistics 

Second Year

First Semester

ENG 129 - Public Speaking
AST 101 - Astronomy of the Solar System or
AST 102 - Astronomy Beyond the Solar System or
BIO 208 - Microbiology or
CHE 106 - Consumer and Environmental Chemistry or
GEY 101 - Physical Geology or
GEY 102 - Historical Geology or other laboratory science course in the Earth Science, Ecology, and Environmental Category***
GOV 201 - American Govt. & Politics
ECO 209 - The International Economy **

Second Semester

ENG 200 - Level Literature course (diversity course)
               Modern Language***
GOV 202 - American National Govt
GOV 207 - International Politics **

* Requires Keyboarding Skills
** Specialization Courses within the Option
***Completion of the intermediate level in a foreign language meets the language requirement. Substitution courses must be within the Humanities General Education Requirement
****If this is a three credit course, you will need one or more additinoal credit in the Mathematics/Science/Technology category so that upon graduation you will have 12 credits in this general education category. Any additional one credit in any course in the Mathematics/Science/Technology category will meet this requirement. Check with the Transfer Counselor or Program Coordinator on the appropriate course choice.

Career Options

Graduates can transfer to a myriad of four-year degree programs and are eligible to take advantage of the many transfer/articulation agreements UNION County College has with some of the top four-year colleges and universities in the country. See a transfer counselor for details.

Program Information

Type of Program: Associate in Arts Degree

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