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Option offered through Liberal Arts

This program is for those students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution and major in Psychology. 
The specific objectives of this program are that the graduate must be able to:
  • demonstrate familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.
  • understand and apply basic research methods in psychology, including research design, data analysis, and interpretation.
  • respect and use critical and creative thinking, skeptical inquiry, and, when possible, the scientific approach to solve problems related to behavior and mental processes.
  • understand, develop insights, and apply psychological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues. 
  • weigh evidence, tolerate ambiguity, act ethically, and reflect other values that are the underpinnings of psychology as a discipline.
  • demonstrate information competence, ability to use computers and other technology, and an ability to communicate effectively in a variety of formats. 
  • recognize, understand, and respect the complexity of sociocultural and international diversity.
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First Year

First Semester

ENG 101 - English Composition I
HIS 101 - Intro to Western Civilization I
MAT 119 - Algebra (or higher)
PSY 101 - General Psychology
Modern Language Gen Ed Requirement

Second Semester

ENG 102 - English Composition II
HIS 102 - Intro to Western Civilization II
MAT 127 - Elementary Statistics
PSY 102 - Psychology of Personality
Modern Language Gen Ed Requirement

Second Year

Third Semester

ENG 128 - Dynamics of Communication OR
ENG 129 - Public Speaking
SOC 101 - Principles of Sociology
CIS 100 - Intro to Computer Applications
PSY - 200 Level Course
Lab Science - Gen. Ed. Requirement

Fourth Semester

SOC 206 - Minorities in American Life
PSY 213 - Research Methods in Psychology
PSY - 200 level elective
Elective - Laboratory Science
Humanities - Gen Ed. Requirement
*It is suggested that electives be chosen from the following list:

PSY 204, PSY 207, PSY 211, PSY 212, PSY 218, PSY 219
FIA 111, FIA 112
AST 101, AST 102
GOV 201, GOV 202, GOV 205
Modern Languages (all)
SOC 102, SOC 103, SOC 203, SOC 204, SOC 207, SOC 209, SOC 273
HIS 105, HIS 106, HIS 201, HIS 202, HIS 205, HIS 209
GEY 101, GEY 102
ECO 201, ECO 202
URS 101
HUG 101
HUG 101
Any 200 Level English Course

Career Options

Graduates can transfer to a four-year degree program majoring in the Social Sciences or Liberal Arts, or other areas of interest and are eligible to take advantage of the many transfer/ articulation agreements UNION County College has with some of the top four-year colleges and universities in the country. See a transfer advisor for details.

Program Information

Type of Program: Associate in Arts Degree

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