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Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment

Psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) is a comprehensive treatment strategy for meeting the needs of people with severe mental illnesses. PSR practitioners assist people in obtaining the skills, support and resources they will need to achieve success and satisfaction in their social, vocational, educational and independent living environments. The overall goals of this field are promotion of recovery, community integration, and improved quality of life for people coping with psychiatric disabilities. There are ample career opportunities for PSR practitioners in a variety of rehabilitation programs and community mental health settings. The knowledge and skills of the PSR practitioner qualify him/her to provide supportive counseling, case management services, and vocational rehabilitation interventions. The practitioner is also prepared to facilitate skills training groups as well as psycho-education and support groups.
UMDNJ-SHRP's Program
The UMDNJ School of Health Related Professions had the first undergraduate degree-granting program in this field in New Jersey. It is one of the few model programs of this type throughout the nation. Students in this program will complete two clinical placements at sites such as UMDNJ-UBHC, Bridgeway, Collaborative Support Programs of NJ, Project Live, and others.
Degree Requirements:
Requirements for admission to the UCC general education phase of the program are: High School graduation or equivalent diploma (GED); English as a Second Language (ESL) placement test if required and completion of ESL courses if necessary; and completion of any necessary remedial courses as determined by the New Jersey Basic Skills Test.

To qualify for admission to the professional phase of the program offered by UMDNJ, students must complete 21 credits of their UCC general education requirements (including ENG 101, ENG 102) and UPR 101. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is also required.
In order to successfully complete this program, the student will be required to take the following courses. BE SURE TO CONFER WITH A UCC OR UMDNJ COUNSELOR WHEN PLANNING YOUR COURSE SCHEDULE. 

General Education Requirements – 32 credits
ENG 101 English Composition I
PSY 101 General Psychology
CIS 100 Intro to Computer Applications
MAT 119 Algebra
SOC 101 Principles of Sociology
BIO 102 Human Biology
ENG 102 English Composition II
PSY 207 Social Psychology
PHI 205 Intro to Philosophy
ENG 128 Dynamics of Communication or ENG 129 Public Speaking
UMDNJ Requirements – 3 credits
UPR 101 Intro to Psychosocial Rehabilitation - taken prior to entering professional phase
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Recommended Sequence

Semester 1

PSRT 1102 - Communication Techniques-Interviewing and Counseling*
PSRT 1103 - Intro to Group Dynamics*
PSRT 1204 - Clinical Principles in Psychosocial Rehabilitation*

Semester 2

PSRT 1019 - Clinical Practicum in Psychosocial Rehabilitation I*
PSRT 2121 Community Resource Management*

Semester 3

PSRT 2019 Clinical Practicum in Psychosocial Rehabilitation II*
PSRT 2231 Emerging Topics in Psychosocial Rehabilitation*

* Students register through UMDNJ for PSRT courses and pay UMDNJ Undergraduate tuition rate and fees.

A total of 62 credits are required. The 32 credits of general education courses are provided by UNION County College or may be transferred from other schools. The UMDNJ School of Health Related Professions provides the 30 credits of Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Treatment (PSRT) courses. Except for UPR 101 (PSRT 1101), students register at UMDNJ for the PSRT courses and pay the UMDNJ undergraduate tuition rate and fees. A grade of “C” or better in all major courses is required. Full and part-time courses of study are available, including day and evening classes. Classes are taken during fall and spring sessions.

Career Options

Graduates may transfer to Kean University, which offers a Joint Bachelor’s Degree Program in Psychology & Psychiatric Rehabilitation with the UMDNJ School of Health Related Professions.

Program Information

Type of Program: Associate in Science Degree

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Fast Fact

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