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Sport Management

The program at UCC has a solid foundation of business, computers, and liberal arts courses. This permits more options with the greatest potential for professional development in terms of job responsibilities and monetary compensation. It provides students with opportunities to develop what most business employers perceive as entry-level skills (e.g., public speaking, writing for business, and general economics). It also introduces students to financial accounting, marketing, and legal issues applicable to the industry. 

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:
  • Apply critical thinking and problem solving skills to locate, understand and resolve issues.
  • Explore and understand the diverse societal issues involved in sport management.
  • Develop interpersonal and communications skills necessary to function effectively.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use sport technology.
  • Understand and explain how sport has impacted local, national, and international issues.
  • Examine the value of collaborative work in the contemporary sport management environment.
  • Apply knowledge of the aspects of finance, human resources, marketing, legal issues, and budgeting that are integral to sport management.
  • Develop and improve professionalism and work ethics.
  • Investigate the possible careers available in this field.
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First Year

First Semester

BSM 101 - Intro to Sport Management
ACC 103 - Accounting I
CIS 100 - Intro to Computer Applications
ENG 101 - English Comp I
BUS 105 - Organization and Management

Second Semester

PSY 101 - General Psychology
BSM 110 - Evolution of American Sports
ENG 122 - Introductory Technical and Business Writing
ACC 104 - Accounting II
BUS 107 - Personnel Management

Second Year

Third Semester

ENG 128 - Dynamics of Communication OR
ENG 129 - Public Speaking
MAT 113 - Math Applications*
PED 101 - Concepts of Adult Fitness
SOC 101 - Principles of Sociology
BUS 110 - Business and Technology
BSM 205 - Sports in Society

Fourth Semester

ECO 202 - Principles of Economics II
BSM 220 - Current Issues in Sports*
BUS 208 - Principles of Marketing
BSM 210 - Sport and Law
BUS 290 - Co-op Education Experience**

* Students planning to transfer to a four year program should take MAT 143 and MAT 144
** Students planning to transfer may take COM 101, ECO 201, or MAT 246.
Students should ascertain from the transfer institution which course is preferred.

Career Options

Graduates of this program may work in one of the many areas of this rapidly growing industry. Students may also transfer to a college or university that offers a bachelor's degree in Sport Management.

Program Information

Type of Program: Associate in Applied Science Degree

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Fast Fact

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