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Owl's Nest


About Owl's Nest

If you are a registered student, you can access Owl’s Nest now!

Owl’s Nest provides a single access point for a variety of functions including:
  • College announcements and events
  • Registration, class schedule, and grades for students
  • Access to ANGEL for online courses (click here for more information Distance Education)
  • Financial Aid and Student Account information for students
  • And more to come later!

How to log on to the Owl's Nest:

  1. Visit http://owlsnest.ucc.edu
  2. Your login name is your full email address (e.g. John.Doe@owl.ucc.edu).
  3. Your password is the password you used to log in to the College network computers using the above login name.

 Having Problems Logging into The Owl's Nest?

To log into owlsnest.ucc.edu you will log in with your full Union County College email address (e.g. john.doe@owl.ucc.edu) and the password you use to log into Union County College email, webservices or a lab computer. If you are doing this and it is not working your password has probably expired in the Owl's Nest.
Passwords expire after 180 days in the Owl's Nest. If you do not change the password within the 180 days the Owl's Nest will lock you out and you will need to reset your password. You can find more instructions on resetting your password here.

If your personal email address is not listed, is incorrect or you do not receive an email with a temporary password then you will need to visit a help desk or ALC on any campus and request a webservices password reset. You will also need to go to admissions and have them enter your personal email address into the system so that the next time you will be able to reset it from home yourself.
After you reset your password in webservices, you should wait about 30 minutes before trying to get into your email or The Owl's Nest as it needs time to sync the new password.

If you have any question about logging in please contact techsupport@ucc.edu.

 Access Your Email Account

  • Click here if you have received an admissions packet or are a continuing student to access your new Live email account.
  • Click here for information on setting up your account if you have not already done so.
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