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A New Way to Register and Plan Your Degree

Student Planning is an innovative new way to plan and track your progress at Union County College. You can communicate and work with your advisor to create an online academic plan and build a course schedule for future semesters. You will be able to plan your program, track your progress toward degree requirements, plan courses and build an academic plan, register for courses and explore your options all in one place. Student Planning will empower you to take control of your education and help you access the information you need to graduate!

Preface: Overview of Student Planning

Step 1:  Log in
Step 2:  View My Progress
Step 3:  How to Plan My Degree
Step 4:  How to Register
Step 5:  How to Withdraw from a Course
Student Planning FAQs

How Do I Access Student Planning:

Log in to Web Services. Select Students Menu > Academic Planning > Student Planning

Click here for Web Services

What is the Difference between Planning Courses and Scheduling Sections:

  • Courses can be planned over multiple terms and years. This enables you to lay out your courses over the semesters you plan to attend to complete your program. Planning a course does not guarantee the course will be offered in the term you planned it.
  • Sections for the course, which are the dates and times the course is offered, are usually only available for the current and immediately upcoming terms. You must schedule sections of your planned courses before you can register for them.

How Can I Plan my Courses:

  1. From the My Progress tab, scroll down to find courses based on your program’s specific requirements.
  2. Select a specific course number or select Search within a requirements section. See your search results in the Course Catalog tab.
  3. Select a course from the search results, then select Add to Course Plan.

You may also:

  • Use the Search for Courses field to search for specific courses by course name or course number. See your search results in the Course Catalog tab. Select Add Course to Plan.
  • Use the Course Catalog tab to find a course by its subject. Then, select Add Course to Plan.

How Can I View My Progress Toward My Program Requirements:

You'll see a list of your active academic programs along with cumulative grade point average and credit information on the Student Planning Home page. To view more details, select My Progress, where you can:

  • View your progress towards completing your current course plan requirements.
  • Search for courses to meet requirements that have not been met.
  • View graphic displays that summarize your progress.

How Can I Change My Academic Program:

All changes to an academic degree or certificate program, including the catalog year, may impact your financial aid. Please consult with an academic advisor to complete the Program Change Form. Your academic program on file cannot be changed in Student Planning.

How Can I View a New Academic Program:

In My Progress, select View a New Program to see available academic programs. When you select an academic program, the requirements are evaluated against your existing completed academic credits, and you will be shown your progress towards completing those course plan requirements. This is a temporary view, which is removed when you leave the page.

What’s the Difference between Scheduling Sections and Registering:

  • You may schedule sections prior to registration opening for the semester. This enables you to plan ahead and lay out a schedule that works for you.
  • Once registration opens, you may register for any or all available scheduled sections. For any sections that are closed, you may choose to look for a different available section of the desired course.

How Can I Schedule My Sections:

After you've planned your courses, schedule your sections in Plan & Schedule.

  1. In the Schedule tab, on the course list on the left, select View other sections to view the times and dates a course is offered.
  2. Move down the selected sections to see how those sections will fit in your schedule. They will be highlighted on the calendar view on the right.
  3. Select your desired section, then Add Section to Schedule.

    Note: If you have any time conflicts, the sections with the time conflict will have a red border on the timetable. You can:

    • Add different sections of the same course to your schedule in the same term. The course will show up in the list on the left.
    • Add the same course or section to more than one term in your schedule. However, you cannot add the same section to the same term multiple times.
    • Add a section to your schedule whether or not the course is already on your course plan.

    Note: You can also search for and schedule sections using the Course Catalog. If it has not been added previously, the section's corresponding course will be added to your course plan automatically.

How Can I Register:

There are two ways to register in Student Planning:

On Plan & Schedule:

  1. To register for all of your planned sections at once, select the Register Now button on the top right. This will register you for all available sections only. This does not include sections that are already full. If you can't register for a section because it is full, the register button will not be available.
  2. You can also register for individual planned sections by selecting the Register button at the bottom of each section on the left. If a section is unavailable, no Register button will appear.

Note: Watch for messages that may appear in the Notifications area in the top right corner.

Why am I Unable to Register:

  • You're eligible to register for classes beginning on a specific date. If it is before your registration date, you will not be able to register for any classes.
  • If you have any restrictions on your record, you may be prevented from registering. When you first log into Student Planning, you'll see any restrictions under Notifications in the top right corner. You need to resolve your restrictions before you may register for classes.
  • If you're still having issues even if you are eligible for registration, please visit a Student Services Center.

How Can I Drop a Registered Section:

You can drop a registered section during the Drop period, before classes start.

  1. Select a section from your current schedule and select Drop.
  2. In the Register and Drop Sections dialog box, select any additional sections you want to drop.
  3. Select Update to process the changes.

The planned section will remain on your schedule, but it will no longer show that you're registered for the course if the drop was successful.

How Can I Withdraw from a Course:

You can withdraw from a registered section during the withdrawal period.

  1. Select a section from your current schedule and select Drop.
  2. In the Register and Drop Sections dialog box, select any additional sections you want to drop.
  3. Select Update to process the changes.

The planned section will remain on your schedule, but it will no longer show that you're registered for the course if the drop was successful.

For questions or more information on Student Planning, please email advising@ucc.edu or stop by a Student Services Center to speak with an advisor.

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