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Academics at Union County College

Academic Master Plan


 The 2015-2018 Academic Master Plan is centered on the Union County College Vision of Student Success and recognition as a Leader in Higher Education. Our Mission of empowering students to achieve their goals and the Presidential mandate of improving completion rates provide the framework for this document. The Academic Master Plan will offer strategic and operational priorities for Academic Affairs as well as the allocation of resources through 2018, while building on current strengths and embracing new opportunities.  

Designed around four core concepts that address student success, the Academic Master Plan will engage faculty and staff in a collaborative process designed to surface innovative thinking, high impact practices, and approaches to decision making that are based on information and data.

Recognizing that Transforming our Community One Student at a time is operationalized by increasing the number of degree holders in our county, Union seeks to provide an educational experience that emphasizes a learning centered culture and an outcomes based educational environment.

The central theme of this document is Student Success. This theme will be addressed through four core concepts: improving completion rates, using data for all decisions, aligning curricula with professional standards and fostering active, and collaborative learning. Through the guidance of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and under the direction of the Associate Vice Presidents and the Academic Division Deans, the Academic Master Plan will be focused on efforts that will help our students achieve their goals and that will improve student success.

1. Improve Completion Rates

a. Increase retention rates
b. Increase graduation rates
c. Implement non-traditional approaches to developmental education
d. Develop academic transitions and bridges

2. Align Curricula with Professional Practices

a. Revise Programs so that:

i.  all courses contribute directly to outcomes
ii.  all required program courses reflect professional standards
iii. all programs provide limited choice and more structure

b. Integrate experiential learning across the curriculum
c. Increase the number of certificates

3. Foster Active and Collaborative Learning

a. Use the data from the CCSSE Survey to enhance instructional approaches
b. Increase online delivery of courses and programs
c. Use technology to empower student success
d. Focus all professional development and travel on activities that promote active and collaborative learning

4. Use of data in all areas of Academic Affairs

a. Provide assessment metrics to faculty in key areas
b. Decrease the achievement gap
c. Implement cohorted faculty advising


Guiding Principles

Union County College will:

1. Continue to support the community college mission of excellence, access, and affordability.
2. Actualize our mission of facilitating students’ educational goals.
3. Continue to operationalize the Students are # 1 concept through an approach that eliminates needless:

4. Recruit, retain, and support qualified, courageous, diverse faculty and staff who can offer curricula and  instruction that lead to student success.
5. Support all efforts that promote active and collaborative learning
6. Continue to offer instructional approaches that emphasize student engagement.
7. Continue to support accountability through the use of metrics and evidence based decisions.