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Modern Languages

Modern Languages

The Languages offered by the College are Spanish, French, Italian, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Arabic.


Language Placement Guide for American High School Graduates

Beginning (101/102) Level: Fewer than Three Years of Language in High School
Conversation (105/106) Level: At least two years of Language in High School
Intermediate (111/112) Level: Three Years of Language in High School
Advanced(121/122) Level: Four or More Years of Language in High School

ESL Students are not Required to take a Modern Language – All ESL students who have completed that program are exempt from the English program Modern Language requirement. They may, however, elect to study a language, including their native language, if placed at their appropriate level of competence. In any case, they must complete their general education humanities course requirements.

Native Speakers may not take elementary level courses of their native language – Native speakers may not enroll in the elementary level of their native language. They may not take language courses designated as 101, 102, 105, and 106. They require permission of the Division Dean to enroll at the Intermediate Level Language (courses designated 111 or 112).

Language Exemption does not mean that credit is given for the courses exempted – Students exempt from taking a given language may consider taking some other language or they may fulfill their humanities general education requirements by substituting other courses in the humanities/history category. Language exemptions do not entail college credits for the courses exempted.

Many Associate in Arts Programs Require 2 or 3 semesters of a Modern Language – Please review specific requirements in each program.

Modern Language Placement – Students who qualify for the intermediate or advanced level of a Modern Language in their freshman year will be placed accordingly.