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STEM Division Undergraduate Research Application

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    References -Please list two Union County College professors who you feel are familiar with your academic qualifications and ability to work with people. At least one reference must be from your specific major.
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  • I hereby understand that my cumulative GPA will be verified, and my student record will be reviewed regarding my standing with Union County College. My signature below also indicates that I have read and understand the requirements and responsibilities of the position as outlined. To the best of my knowledge, the information in this application is accurate. By signing this document: • I consent to the review of my transcripts for verification purposes. • I waive my right of access to recommendations prepared for this application. • I agree to provide a written acceptance of a position within 7 days of an offer being made. • I agree to participate in all activities during the program. • I agree to submit a written report and program evaluation within 30 days of the program.