Graduates of this Associate in Applied Science degree program are prepared for employment as junior accountants with large corporations. The program provides some of the needed academic background for a C.P.A.

Graduates may seek employment in industrial or general accounting or work in areas such as credit, collections (internal), governmental accounting, or payroll supervision. The program may be a “stepping stone” to law or employment with the Treasury Department or the Justice Department. Transfer of credits to a four-year college is conditional upon the receiving college or university. You should consult with the Program Coordinator prior to submitting applications.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively in writing, verbal and electronic formats
  • Describe the underlying theoretical and ethical framework of accounting concepts in a variety of settings
  • Prepare, utilizing critical thinking skills and appropriate software and accounting principles, a set of complete financial books and supportive records
  • Describe the managerial application of accounting data and its intended impact
  • Describe the governing principles of the practice of accounting
  • Analyze and discuss the effect of globalization, personal, and cultural development on the practice of accounting