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Union County College

Audio Production

The Audio Production program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation for further study and employment in the growing field of Audio Production.

As a transfer program, the program provides a foundation in academic and general studies courses, which prepare students for further study at four-year programs in this discipline both locally and nationally.

Additionally, the program intends to create graduates with the requisite training and skills to begin working with industry standard equipment and software to compose and record their own compositions and compete for entry-level positions in the field.

Other Communications Degrees Include:

  • Communications
  • Film
  • Game Design Creation
  • Journalism
  • Multimedia
  • Public Relations
  • Radio
  • Television

Specifically, graduates must be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  • recount the history of audio recording technology;
  • in conducting research, understand the importance of qualifying source material, using time honored structures such as peer review and disciplinary standards;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the recording industry as a business;
  • a level of comfort and proficiency with standard productivity software such as Adobe Audition, Cubase SX and Pro Tools, as well as an understanding of the ways in which these tools are applied
  • in the audio production field;
  • the ability to understand and apply all phases of audio production in the contemporary music studio environment;
  • identify the fundamental process and sequence involved in the production of audio composition;
  • identify the different roles and responsibilities of the recording studio
  • identify the historical development of musical performance;
  • understand the essentials of audio engineering, the fundamentals of digital imaging and video editing for New Media applications.