The Biology Department offers a degree program that combines basic biological courses with additional course work in chemistry, mathematics, and the liberal arts. The degree program prepares students primarily for advanced study at a four-year institution. Students should note that the Department has many articulation agreements with four-year colleges designed to facilitate transfer to these institutions.

Candidates for the program should present two years of high school algebra, one year of geometry or trigonometry, one year of biology, and one year of chemistry. High School Physics is also strongly recommended.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a broad base of knowledge in the biological sciences as indicated by their ability to utilize the terminology, concepts, and principles of biology in oral and written work.
  • describe the scientific method and apply it to hypothetical or laboratory problems.
  • describe the relationship between mankind and the natural world.
  • utilize critical thinking skills to understand and solve problems.
  • communicate effectively in oral and written formats.
  • demonstrate information literacy skills and the use of technology for gathering information.