The Chemistry Department offers a degree program that combines basic chemistry courses with additional course work in biology, mathematics, physics, and the liberal arts. The degree program prepares students primarily for advanced study at a four-year institution. Students should note that the Department has many articulation agreements with four-year colleges designed to facilitate transfer to these institutions.

Candidates for the program should present two years of algebra, one year each of geometry, chemistry, physics, and trigonometry, as high school entrance credits. High school biology is also strongly recommended.

All students enrolled in the Chemistry Program must take a mathematics placement test. Test scores will determine the sequence of mathematics courses required.

Consultation with a Chemistry faculty member is advised.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Evaluate how chemical theories explain the natural world;
  • Identify a chemical problem and analyze it in terms of its significant parts and the information needed to solve it;
  • Differentiate between theory and practice in the chemical sciences;
  • Perform laboratory experiments and measurements that include graphing and analyzing data;
  • Assess and effectively communicate oral and written chemical information;
  • Communicate effectively in written, verbal and electronic formats.