The Communications curriculum is designed for transfer to a bachelor’s program in communications or related discipline. Options are available for students who have decided that they are particularly interested in a certain field. Faculty advisors are available in the Communications program and students are encouraged to consult with a faculty advisor regarding appropriate option and course selection for their needs and interests.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Communicate orally and in writing in college level discourse
  • Discuss and analyze current social and political issues and events
  • Demonstrate proficiency with productivity software such as word processing, presentation manager, web browser and apply them in the field of communications
  • Explain the importance of committing to a process of life-long learning
  • Compare and contrast prevalent cultural narratives and texts and the various media used to convey them

Other Communications Degrees Include:

  • Audio Production
  • Film
  • Game Design Creation
  • Journalism
  • Multimedia
  • Public Relations
  • Radio
  • Television