Computer Science/Engineering

Option offered through the Professor Elmer Wolf Engineering ProgramFOR COMPUTER ENGINEERING SEE “ENGINEERING”

The Computer Science Option offers the first two years of a computer science curriculum and prepares graduates for successful transfer to bachelor’s degree programs at leading engineering colleges throughout the country. Computer science, as an option in the Engineering program, studies theoretical and practical problems of system implementation involving both software and hardware. The program prepares the student for a career in the design and development of computer systems. Baccalaureate degree graduates understand hardware and software and can engineer computer systems for a variety of customer applications.

Union College has dual admission agreements with New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University. These allow Union College graduates to transfer with junior status without going through a second admission process. Union College also has formal transfer agreements with many other colleges.

Applicants for the Computer Science Option must present two years of algebra and one year of geometry, trigonometry, chemistry, and physics, as high school entrance credits. Students deficient in any of these subjects must take the appropriate preparatory courses. All candidates are required to take a mathematics and a physics placement test.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Develop computer systems for solving specific problems
  • Design computer systems for specific applications
  • Analyze problems of a technical nature and design computer based solutions
  • Evaluate the merits of alternative proposals for solving problems
  • Interpret technical concepts to a non-technical audience
  • Manage a team project both as a leader and as a member
  • Express and interpret both technical and non-technical concepts orally, in writing and in electronic formats