Graphic Design/Fine Arts

Option offered through Liberal Arts

The Fine Arts Option in Graphic Design is a Liberal Arts transfer-oriented curriculum that provides students, through a core of visual arts/design related courses, a theoretical and practical understanding of the commercial art area of Graphic Design. Utilizing skills and techniques learned through a combined lecture/studio experience, students are introduced to the various aspects of the graphic communication process including the development of roughs, comps, layouts, pasteups, and mechanicals in a Macintosh-equipped digital laboratory. A specific approach to beginning and advanced design problem-solving is emphasized. Additional topics of study include an analysis of graphic art production processes including photo digitizing, typography, and the use of illustration software programs.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • State the theoretical skills involved in creating visuals, combining images and typography.
  • Create visuals which utilize both images and typography.
  • Create examples, utilizing diverse materials and media, of techniques traditionally used in foundation level graphic design studios.
  • Create examples of traditional layout comps, thumbnail, and sketch mode visualizations.
  • State the critical and aesthetic essentials seen throughout the history of graphic design.
  • Utilize the tools of digital design including computer and design software to prepare graphic design examples.
  • Create a portfolio of work that demonstrates competency in graphic design.