Liberal Studies

Exploring Science and the Arts

This program is for adults who have been away from secondary school at least four years. The A.S. degree is awarded upon satisfactory completion of no fewer than 64 credit hours of work selected from the various disciplines of the College. It allows adults great flexibility to select their own college courses according to their own interests within six broadly defined educational categories: communication; business and public policy; humanities; mathematics, science, and technology; social science; and electives. Six to twelve college credits are required in each of these areas. The program meets the State-mandated general education distribution requirements for the Associate in Science Degree.Many college courses have prerequisites. These prerequisites must be met before taking more advanced courses.

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  • Communicate effectively orally, in writing, and in electronic form.
  • Use technology and library resources for independent learning and research.
  • Compare and contrast the history and culture of the West in relation to its development in America and the world.
  • Describe the business culture of America, our political system, its history, and the American role in the world community.
  • Analyze the economic forces shaping all human societies.
  • Compare and contrast art, drama, music, literature, and the other humanities within both the American and the world setting.
  • Analyze the ethical implications of institutional policies and individual practices.
  • Discuss the findings of the natural sciences and their applications to practical problem solving.
  • Utilize college-level algebra and statistics to solve problems in the sciences and practical life.
  • Utilize the knowledge of psychology and sociology to analyze the human personality and its impact on social behavior and the learning process.