Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations
Student clubs and organizations are a fun and vital part of the Union College experience and are designed to serve the diverse needs and interests of our students. Engaging in a club or organization is an important way of developing leadership skills, forming friendships, cultural expression, skill development or aiding you in your future career.

Student Government Association sponsors all student club and organization activities to full-time and part-time students. All students are encouraged to participate in the activities and events offered on the Cranford, Elizabeth, and Plainfield Campuses.

Categories of Clubs

  • (1) Academic Clubs
    • History Club
    • Criminal Justice Club
    • Biology Club
    • Education Club
    • Math Club
    • Business Association
  •  (2) Recreational Club
    • Mixed Martial Arts Club
    • Tennis Club
    • Volleyball Club
    • Yoga Club
  • (3) Diversity/Multi-Cultural Clubs
    • Black Heritage Organization
    • For Women About Women
    • Gay Straight Alliance
    • Model United Nations
    • Japanese Culture Club
    • International Student Organization
    • Muslim Student Association
  • (5) Special Interest Clubs
    • Art Society
    • Architecture Club
    • Debate Club
    • Fashion Club
    • Film Club
    • Music Club
    • Soldiers of Poverty
    • Gaming and Animation Club
    • Photography Club
    • Union Gamers United
    • The 1968 Museum Club