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How Can I Schedule My Sections

After you’ve planned your courses, schedule your sections in Plan & Schedule.

  1. In the Schedule tab, on the course list on the left, select View other sections to view the times and dates a course is offered.
  2. Move down the selected sections to see how those sections will fit in your schedule. They will be highlighted on the calendar view on the right.
  3. Select your desired section, then Add Section to Schedule.Note: If you have any time conflicts, the sections with the time conflict will have a red border on the timetable. You can:
    • Add different sections of the same course to your schedule in the same term. The course will show up in the list on the left.
    • Add the same course or section to more than one term in your schedule. However, you cannot add the same section to the same term multiple times.
    • Add a section to your schedule whether or not the course is already on your course plan.

    Note: You can also search for and schedule sections using the Course Catalog. If it has not been added previously, the section’s corresponding course will be added to your course plan automatically.