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Center for Economic and Workforce Development

Union County College

About / Mission

Welcome to the Center for Economic and Workforce Development (CEWD). 

CEWD is the Adult Occupational/Educational department of Union County College and is located on both the Elizabeth and Plainfield Campuses.  The Center offers occupational training programs and education programs in ESL, Adult Basic Education, and preparation for the Test Assessment of Secondary Completion (TASC) or ACCUPLACER for college placement in addition to Integrated English Literacy and Civics education.

CEWD is proud of supporting the fulfillment of Union County College’s mission statement:  Transforming Our Community One Student at a Time.  Throughout its forty-year history, CEWD has collaborated closely with State and Federal funders, the American One Stop Career Centers, the Trade Act (TRA), the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) and the State Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  So many students have benefited and continue to benefit from the services CEWD provides.

Serving the community is a priority that has never wavered.

The Center offers a wide variety of programs and courses to over 4,000 adults each year. The Center model includes standardized assessment, student support services, occupation-related basic skills instruction and occupational training and job placement services. In keeping Union County College’s commitment to provide access to education for all, CEWD instruction is scheduled during evening, weekend and daytime hours so that adults can choose a schedule most convenient for themselves and their lifestyles.

As a Union County One Stop Career Center partner, the Center supports the County’s Social Service Agencies with activities geared to increasing the productivity and employability of the agency’s participants and Union County residents.