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Career Connections NJ

Career Connections NJ

Career Connections NJ is a new state-wide resource that the student accesses through the internet.  It supports students as they conduct job searches and plan for long –term educational or occupational goals. This website allows you to plan for the future, decide which career development program supports your needs, how to effectively market your skills to employers, and learn more about lifelong learning programs.  Career connections offers clients personalized resources that will allow them to plan, prepare, and succeed based on their individual life situations.  Students will have access to the On Ramp program embedded in the Career Connections.   On Ramp will allow students to upload their resumes and apply for jobs.  Most importantly, the presentation of the website is exceptionally straightforward, user friendly and offers suggestions on how to conduct a plan of action for job searching.

What happens if you do not know where to start?

Career Connections offer a “Don’t Know Where to Start” button to direct you to an appropriate location in the program. Once you click on “Don’t know where to start”, the website asks you whether or not you are currently employed.  If ‘YES’, the site then asks if you are collecting unemployment. If ‘NO’, the site then asks if you are either searching for training or changing careers. Once you answer questions, based on your needs, the tool will provide recommendations on each step you should follow.

Types of Services

Career Connections NJ provides information about numerous services that the State of NJ offers to those who need additional assistance.  Such programs include: Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Veteran Services, Mature Worker (55+) Services, Youth Services, Displaced Homemaker Services, and Ex-Offender Services.

Please take a look at Career Connections NJ and use the Job Connections to see what jobs are available to you!!!