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Union County College

Executive Leadership Academy

Welcome to the Executive Leadership Series at Union College- Offered Remotely in our Virtual Classroom

All careers start at the beginning, of course, and so does our Executive Leadership Series. Courses are designed to start with the basics and build, as assignments and responsibilities grow with your role in your organization. We invite you create a strong foundation with the basics and building from there. All classes held online through our Distance Learning Virtual Classroom. Easy access from home or anywhere.

Customer Service Training
This workshop is designed around six critical elements of customer service that, when the company and its people live them, brings to life a customer service culture that outdoes the competition. You will internalize the values of customer service, make them a part of your work ethic and through example share them with your team.
Cost: $95.00

Communication Styles
In this workshop, you will learn essential skills to help you know what to say and how to say it in any situation. Learn skills that help you communicate with diplomacy, tact and confidence. Master body language, understand personality styles, manage emotions and build rapport to strengthen relationships for positive outcomes.
 Cost: $95.00

Problem Solving
Obstacles to success are found in the everyday challenges we face in the workplace. This course will teach you to identify and characterize problems, to accept and assign responsibility and to assume the required authority to offer solutions with excellent outcomes for all involved. Learn to break down the essential elements that create obstacles and use team work, knowledge and leadership traits to solve them.
 Cost: $95

Supervisory Skills
The next step in your personal development and training as a supervisor includes skills in resolving conflict, whether it be interpersonal between clients and employees, employees and management, or interdepartmental expectations. In this workshop, conflicts can be in-the-moment or long-term, interpersonal or between organizations. Learn to identify the source of conflict, diffuse conflict, negotiate conflict and resolve it for all parties.
Cost: $95.00

For open enrollment scheduling and registration, call 908-709-7600.

To bring this program to a group at your workplace (remotely or onsite) , contact the Industry-Business Institute at 908-965-2359 or ibi@ucc.edu.