Dr. Takeem Dean

Dean of Students

Assistant Vice President of Student Development and Dean of

The Dean of Students, Dr. Takeem L. Dean, is a student advocate who provides leadership to Student Engagement and Wellbeing within the Division of Student Development and acts on behalf of the vice president in his absence. The Dean of Students supports students’ health and wellbeing, sense of belonging, engagement, and holistic learning. Dr. Dean works to develop, implement, and assess student services focused on nurturing a safe, inclusive, and equitable community at Union County college.

Moreover, as the Dean of Students, Dr. Dean, serves as liaison between students and the campus community. He supervises a team of competent and dedicated student development practitioners in the areas of Athletics, College Life, Disability Support Services, and Social Work Services. He also serves as the chief student conduct officer and develops and implements the student code of conduct; oversees Title IX compliance for student cases, develops DEI training and programs and co-chairs the special appeals committee.