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About Union

Union County College

Academic Learning Centers

The Academic Learning Centers (ALCs) are certified by the international College Reading and Learning Association, and provide academic support to a large, diverse student population through free tutoring and computer assisted instruction at three campus locations.  Our Math Success Centers in Cranford and Elizabeth offer targeted support in mathematics, engineering and physics, and the STEM Success Center/MakerSpace in Cranford provides a collaborative environment for students in the Sciences and Technology.

Our services are provided on a walk-in basis to ensure that students are able to obtain the help they need at the times that are most convenient.

The ALCs provide students with tutoring services designed to:
  • Improve the academic achievement of each student seeking assistance.
  • Better the student’s perception of his or her goals and achievements.
  • Create a supportive atmosphere for the student through helpful, effective tutoring.
  • Promote a positive role model by employing currently enrolled students to assist their peers.
  • Provide appropriate resource materials to supplement course work.