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About Union

Union County College

Public Safety


Contact Information: In case of emergency, Dial 911


For issues of public safety or to report a campus emergency please inform the Department of Public Safety at:

The Department of Public Safety has the following responsibilities:

  • Protect the lives and safety of all individuals within the College property.
  • Safeguard College and personal property from theft, damage, vandalism, or misuse.
  • Prevent or control crime on campus.
  • Investigate crime on campus, apprehending offenders when possible and recovering stolen property.
  • Preserve peace and resolve conflicts on campus.
  • Provide an immediate response to emergencies and to all persons requiring aid on campus.
  • Enforce College policies, rules, and procedures.
  • Advance cooperative relationships within the College community and contribute to its public-relations program.
Illness or injuries due to accidents which occur on campus or during a College-connected activity are to be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety on the campus where they occur. If it is not possible to make an immediate report, one should be made before 48 hours have elapsed. All students are covered under the College’s student accident insurance plan.

Annual Security Reports includes the following:

  • Reporting of Crime Statistics
  • Sexual Assault, VAWA., Title IX Investigations
  • Tips for a Safe Campus
  • How to Respond when an Active Shooter is in your Vicinity
  • Parking
  • Emergency Evacuation

Annual Security Report 2017-18

DHS, Guidelines on how to respond to an Active Shooter situation, Options for Consideration:  3 minute active shooter video

DHS, Active Shooter – Pocket Card: Information www.dhs.gov/xlibrary/assets/active_shooter_pocket_card.pdf

At the start of each semester all currently enrolled students as well as staff and faculty are automatically enrolled in the emergency notification system. If you wish to sign up manually, be advised opt-in list are purged at the end of every semester. To receive (REGROUP) alert messages must sign up at the following hyper link: https://ucc.regroup.com/signup 

Clery Act Statistics / Campus Safety and Security


In compliance with the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act , crime statistics are reported to the U.S. Department of Education.  Tools are available online to analyze campus safety and security at http://ope.ed.gov/campussafety/#/.  In compliance with the Federal Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act and relevant New Jersey Law, information regarding the enrollment of convicted sex offenders is available online at http://www.njsp.org/sex-offender-registry/index.shtml.