Meet Deva Shim

Deva Shim and Senior Professor of Communications Joanne Gouveia

Meet Deva Shim
Graphic Artist in the Making

Major: Graphic Design

I decided that I was going to attend Union County College to complete my associate degree for many reasons. First, it fit into my financial plan. Second, it is close to home and I already knew friends who attend, so I felt comfortable on campus. Finally, my sister is an alumna and her positive experience helped reinforce my decision. I also wanted to attend a college with a graphic design major because I aspire to work as a motion graphic editor at an animation company.

In high school, I participated in many clubs and organizations, as well as concert band, marching band, and chorus. Once at Union, I immediately joined clubs on campus. I am a member of the Glee Club. I also enjoy playing video games and if the esports team adds Fortnight to the games for competition, I would definitely try out.

Union’s faculty and staff encourage students to pursue their ideas and dreams. In my first semester, I took a class with Professor Joanne Gouveia. The work I did in her class helped me to solidify my interest in graphic design. I found that Professor Gouveia’s amazing personality and contagious smile led me back to her class each week eager to learn more. She is dedicated to helping her students and I can ask her about topics beyond the course material. She’s been a great role model and mentor to me.

I am very happy that I decided to attend Union. For new students coming to the College, I recommend you find time to get involved. If possible, don’t hurry off campus after your classes. Take the time to immerse yourself in the culture and experience college life to the fullest. Join a club and attend events on campus. Union provides each student with the opportunity to earn an excellent education and have a rich extracurricular experience. Union has filled my dreams of what I hoped college could be.

Senior Professor of Graphic Design Joanne Gouveia began working at Union in 1997 as a graphic designer for the marketing department. In 2000, she joined the faculty. Her interest in graphic design began in her commercial art and photography classes at Kearny High School. She ran on the Kearny track team. Professor Gouveia was offered a full scholarship to Tennessee University to run track but went to the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to major in graphic design. She holds an MFA in Advertising Design from Marywood University, and a BFA in Graphic Design and an AAS from RIT.