Meet Jordan Rowley

Student Services Generalist Dianna Constable and Jordan Rowley

Meet Jordan Rowley, ‘19
Setting Records and Reaching for the Stars…

Major: Liberal Studies

I was a senior at Hillside High School when Union’s Coach Henderson started showing up at basketball practice and games to scout the talent. When asked if I wanted to play basketball in college at Union, I immediately said “yes” and my dreams started to become a reality.

I spent the summer before my freshman year working out and preparing for my college classes and to play Division III basketball. I knew the game would be more difficult than high school and I wanted to be the best I could on the court from the start.

I really enjoyed my freshman year and learned a lot about myself as a student and an athlete. To help us balance our work and games when in season, I had to go to the Academic Learning Center (ALC) each week for peer-to-peer tutoring. My time at the ALC really helped me succeed in my classes.

I also met weekly with Dianna Constable, an advisor to athletes in College Life. Miss Dianna would ask how I was doing in my classes, how I was personally, and was there to help me if needed. The National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) has many rules about eligibility to play and Miss Dianna would guide me each week on what I had to do to be able to compete. I really appreciate all she did to help me remain focused on my classes and on target to graduate in May.

Thanks to her and Coach Henderson, I had a great sophomore year. I made my 500th rebound and went from averaging 6 rebounds in my freshman year to 13.8 this year. I was ranked as first in the nation in the average number of rebounds per game and the total number of rebounds for NJCAA Division III.

Union has so much to offer its students. Although I am a busy student-athlete, I also have an interest in fashion so I joined the Fashion Club. I wanted to learn more about the industry and give modeling a try. I really enjoyed being in my first fashion show.

After Union, I hope to transfer on an athletic scholarship to a Division I or Division II school. I plan to major in sports management or business. For now, I’ve really enjoyed my time at Union and hope the next chapter is just as exciting.

Student Services Generalist Dianna Constable is an advisor for Union’s student-athletes. She meets with each student-athlete regularly to monitor their academic progress and to provide support services. She also informs them of their academic status so they can maintain their National Junior College Athletic Association eligibility or they cannot play. Ms. Constable considers the student-athletes her second family and is proud of their accomplishments. She has an MBA from Rider University and a BS in health information administration/tumor registry from the University of Pittsburgh.