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About Union

Union County College has a remarkable history as New Jersey’s first community college. We are known for excellence among regional colleges and universities.

Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Freeholders Serving the County via Union County College

The Union County Freeholders contributed more than $14 million to support Union County
College’s service to 11,245 students in the 2015-2016 academic year. In addition, through
the Union County Workforce Investment Board, the Freeholders provided Union County College’s
Center for Economic & Workforce Development with the means to come to the aid of needy
people. Services include free training in job skills, English as a Second Language,
high-school equivalency, and other support to improve the quality of life of residents,
especially in Elizabeth and Plainfield.
To visit the  homepage, go to http://www.ucnj.org.


Meet our Freeholders:

Freeholder – Chair
Alexander Mirabella

Freeholder – Vice Chair
Angel G. Estrada

Angela R. Garretson

Sergio Granados

Christopher Hudak

Bette Jane Kowalski

Kimberly Palmieri-Mouded

Andrea Staten

Rebecca Williams