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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Bernard A Polnariev
Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Scotch Plains Campus
Tel: 908-709-7007
Director of Libraries
Josaine Royster
Associate Librarian
Tel: (908) 709 – 7037
Liaison: Business, Economics, Reference
Head of Technical Services and Systems
Tel: (908) 709 – 7621
Bill Schryba
Campus Librarian, Elizabeth
Tel: (908) 965 – 6076
Fax: (908) 965 – 6080
Liaison: ESL,  Health, Nursing,
EL Basic, Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Technology, Math, Physics, Game Design, Help Desk
Elsa Bruguier
Campus Librarian, Plainfield
Tel: (908) 412 – 3546
Fax: (908) 791 – 4925
Liaison: Allied Health (Emergency Medical Technician; Paramedic; Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiography, Respiratory Care, Sonography), American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, American Sign Language- English Interpreting, Practical Nursing, Sport Management
Karen Venturella
Associate Librarian
Tel: (908) 709 – 7027
Liaison: Education, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy/Religion, CR Basic
Alice Mateychak
Tel: 908-497-4314
Roger St. Fort
Circulation Clerk
Tel: 908-709-7623
Benilda Cortez
Circulation Clerk
Tel: 908-965-6075
Rosa Rodriguez
Acquisition Assistant
Tel: 908-709-7118