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Library Policy

Union County College Libraries


The Libraries support the mission and goals of the College.  As a key academic and student support service, the Libraries’ program will enhance student success, strive for excellence in teaching and learning, and support the student as an active learner. In environments that promote academic excellence and foster lifelong learning, the Libraries will provide the diverse college community with information resources and services that complement curricula and aid students in completing degree and certificate programs.  The Libraries will provide resources that foster in students a desire to learn through independent research and will provide equitable access to resources to support individual educational goals.  The Libraries will provide information literacy instruction which empowers a spirit of engagement, inquiry, and analytical thought.  In all aspects of service and resources, the Union County College Libraries endorses the ALA Library Bill of Rights, the Freedom to Read Statement of the ALA and the ACRL Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries.


The Libraries will contribute to the General Education of all students by providing information literacy learning opportunities infused throughout the curricula.
The Libraries will support the Developmental Education mission by providing appropriate supplemental resources, in various formats and modalities, to facilitate the academic progress of students.
The Libraries will foster Lifelong Learning by providing human and physical resources to complement a variety of students’ interests, career goals, and continuing education goals.
The Libraries will support Innovative Pedagogy by acquiring resources that encouraging creative approaches to teaching and learning and by assessing student learning outcomes for information literacy.
The Libraries will support the institutional mission by using physical, human, and fiscal resources to support teaching and learning throughout the curricula.


Use of Library by the General Public

The Union County College library, its contents, equipment and facilities (“The Facilities”) are the principal purpose of providing educational resources for the faculty, students and staff of The College (“The Principal Users”). Other persons may use The Facilities for research purposes subject to the following rules:
•    No one is to use The Facilities in a manner which interferes with or impedes the use by The Principal Users.
•    Person who are not The Principal Users are limited to the use of The Facilities for one half (1/2) hour  each  day.
•    Persons who are not The Principal Users must use The Facilities only in designated areas.
•    Any person creating or maintaining a disturbance or nuisance must leave The Facilities upon request.
•    Loitering on the premises or use of The Facilities for other than educational purposes is prohibited.
•    Any person who shall enter upon The Facilities for any purpose other than an educational purpose without prior authorization, or any person who fails or refuses to leave The Facilities when requested to do so, will be deemed a trespasser.


User Conduct and Security

The Union County College Libraries are committed to providing a quiet, welcoming, respectful atmosphere conducive to private study and research in an environment that is comfortable, clean, and safe for both library users and personnel.  Any behavior that interferes with this operation of the Union County College Libraries may be considered disruptive.
The conduct of any individual using the Union County College Libraries is governed by all College policies, Union County College Libraries’ policies, the Union County College Student Regulations as stated in the Student Handbook, and  the College’s Academic Computing Policies and Procedures.
Users who do not adhere to conduct guidelines outlined in the aforementioned policies may be asked to leave, and may be subject to College disciplinary action.

Please note:

•    Mobile phones and pagers:  the Union County College Libraries require library users to set mobile phones, pagers, and cell phones on non-audible/vibrating signals.  Any communications must be conducted outside the library.  Use of these devices disturbs those engaged in reading, study, and other educational activities.
•    Use of Library Study Rooms/Areas, Computer Research Stations, Adaptive Equipment, etc.: Continuous use of any of the special services offered by the libraries is expected. Any cessation longer than twenty minutes shall be an indication that the user has abandoned the service/equipment. The service will be reclaimed by the library and will immediately become available to other users. Any personal items abandoned will be turned over to Campus Security.
•    Food and drink:  Food and drink are damaging to library collections and equipment, and diminish the longevity and comfort of library furnishings.  Only beverages in containers that have lids or are spill proof are allowed in the libraries. Food is not allowed in the libraries.
•    Noise and Other Disruptive Behavior:  Library users expect the Libraries to be a quiet place for study and research.  All library users are requested to be considerate and to refrain from talking loudly, making noise, using audio or electronic equipment at a volume that interferes with others, or engaging in otherwise disruptive behavior.
•    Photographs, recordings, videos, etc.: Library users may not take photographs, recordings, videos, etc. within the Library without prior permission from the Assistant Director.

Access for Patrons with Disabilities

All three campus libraries provide wheelchair access to the computer catalog and study carrels. Please contact the library staff for other available services or assistance.

Children in the Libraries

Under the guidelines set forth in the Union County College student handbook, children under 12 are not permitted on campus except under the immediate supervision of a parent or guardian. This guideline extends to the Union County College Libraries.
In addition, children under 18 shall not use library computers unless actively enrolled as Union County College students in the Magnet school or “for credit” courses, or as part of supervised library visits by Continuing Education classes.

Intellectual Freedom/Library Bill of Rights

The libraries endorse the Library Bill of Rights and Intellectual Freedom statement adopted by the American Library Association.
The libraries support the freedom to access a broad range of materials. The libraries recognize that freedom of choice in materials selection is critical to effective library service.

Gift Policy

Union County College Libraries acquire materials that support the curriculum and programs of the college and the research interests of the faculty and administration. The Libraries will accept gifts that are appropriate to the collection.
Gifts should be brought to the Cranford campus library if possible. For larger gifts (10 or more items,) donors should submit a list of the items for consideration before bringing any items to the campus.

The Libraries cannot accept gifts of:

 •    Textbooks
•    Magazines
•    Encyclopedias
•    Items in poor condition

Gifts must be cleared with the Assistant Director of Libraries. The same criteria used for the selection of all other materials will be used in evaluating gift materials. If there is any question about accepting a gift, the final determination rests with the Director of Libraries.
Materials are accepted without commitments as to final disposition and with the understanding that they will not necessarily be added to the collection. All gifts are final, and by act of donation, the donor relinquishes all rights to ownership and dispensation. Donors should understand this policy prior to donating gifts.
The library does not appraise gifts. On request, the library will provide documentation to the donor that gifts were received. It is the responsibility of the donor to obtain appraisals if needed.
Donors are encouraged to leave their name, address, and relationship to the college (student, alumni, staff, faculty, faculty emeritus, etc.) so that acknowledgment can be sent to them.  Gifts of money are handled by the Union County College Foundation. The phone number is 908-709-7505. Possible gifts-in-kind may be discussed with the Assistant Director of Libraries at 908-709-7019.