Business Program is Named #1 in National Ranking

CRANFORD, NJ – As economic times remain uncertain, college students are seeking an education that benefits them academically, as well as financially. For business students who graduate from Union College, they receive a degree ranked number one by Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce (CEW).

According to this CEW report, Union ranks as the number one business program for associate degree holders based on economic value. More than 5,500 business programs were evaluated based on data from the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard 2022. Union’s program tied for the number one spot – these graduates have the highest annual earnings net of debt payments two-years after graduating with an associate degree.

Union student utilizing the Bloomberg terminal.
Union student utilizing the Bloomberg terminal.

“This outcome is a direct reflection of the faculty and staff commitment to our mission of transforming our community, one student at a time,” stated Union College Board of Trustees Chair Victor M. Richel, who holds a degree in Economics from Villanova, with additional certifications from both Columbia University and the Harvard Business School. “As a former banking and utility executive, I am confident that Union College’s business programs are first-rate.”

As a student success and equity initiative, Union maintains a flat-rate tuition for full-time students. Moreover, Union has not increased tuition for students in three years. With this financial stability and overall academic contributions, the business students are setup for success from the moment they enroll.

Business students are encouraged to use the Bloomberg Terminals in Union’s Bloomberg Business Center, which serves as a critical “destination” to support student learning, engagement, and career preparedness. Students utilize Bloomberg Terminals to review and analyze economic data, trends, financial data, and build investment portfolios.

Union’s business students also receive an education outside of the classroom. Several students who participate in Project Achievement, a student success initiative focused on supporting Black males, visited the Bank of New York Mellon. During the visit, senior executives from the company spoke to the students and offered words of wisdom.

“Union’s focus on academic excellence, career readiness, and helping students experience a sense of belongingness is what sets us apart from other colleges,” states Union’s president Dr. Margaret M. McMenamin. “Students may enter the workforce after completing their degree or continue onto a four-year school.”

Union College offers several Business-related programs, including Blockchain Technology, Business Marketing, Public Administration, Sports Management, and Supply Chain Management for example. For more information on these programs, go to