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Paying for College & Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

Eligibility Requirements
To receive and retain student financial aid, including all types of Federal Direct Loans, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Federal regulations require that your total financial aid package, including loans, does not exceed your cost of attendance. For most students, financial aid only meets part of their financial need. The eligibility criteria when determining all eligible applicants for awards is based on a valid FAFSA received by Union County College. Once the valid FAFSA is received, the eligibility criteria for determining the amount of a student’s award is based on the expected family contribution number (EFC).

Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is calculated through a formula established by federal law. The EFC formula considers the members in your household, the members of that household that are in college and the household income.

Submit requested documents to the Financial Aid Office

When you check to see that your FAFSA was received, you may also notice that some other documents are in a “Missing” or “Incomplete” status. Please submit all required documents using the secure link found on the Forms and Worksheets page.

The Financial Aid Office does not make tentative awards. You will not be awarded any federal or state financial aid (including grants and loans) until all required documents have been reviewed.

If you receive any requests via email or through the mail from the New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA), please comply with those requests. You must submit all documents that they request to be eligible for any state aid including Tuition Aid Grant (TAG), Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF), and NJ STARS.

Check the status of submitted documents

Please visit Self-Service to see the status of submitted documents. All documents are reviewed within 7 to 10 business days. If the document shows “Received”, your document is pending review by your Financial Aid Counselor. If the document shows “Incomplete” or “Additional Information”, note the reasoning in bold and resubmit with corrections.

Review your financial aid award

Once your documents have been reviewed, you will see your financial aid award in Self-Service. You can view your financial aid award amounts for the entire academic year or for a single term.

If your documents have been reviewed and you do not see a financial aid award, it is because you are not eligible for grants. You may still be eligible for student loans and scholarships. Information about how student loans work and how to request one can be found on our Loans page. Information about how scholarships work and how to request one can be found on our Scholarships page.

Apply each year:

You must re-apply for financial aid each year, including FAFSA, federal and private loans, and scholarships. Please visit www.studentaid.gov for FAFSA deadlines.

*Study Abroad: Students that choose to participate in a study abroad program may be eligible to receive Financial Aid funding. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further details.