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American Honors

American Honors is a selective honors program that helps students earn bachelor’s degrees from great schools.





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Transfer Success

Honors students from Union County College have been accepted to top colleges and universities such as Columbia, Cornell, NYU, Rutgers, and UCLA, to name just a few.


Union County College’s dedicated faculty and Honors advisors are focused on helping students succeed. Each Honors class is led by a top member of the faculty whose focus is to educate, challenge, and engage.


Diverse, high-potential, and ambitious students form a tight-knit community. The Honors Lounge is a space for study and socializing and is the center of engagement for the Honors program.


Spend less overall on a bachelor’s degree by starting at Union County College. All honors classes are designed to transfer so that your transfer experience is as seamless a possible.

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Our program strives to recruit the best and brightest students through our rigorous admission process.
Your story and strong academic background, including a high GPA, are crucial aspects we use to evaluate your application to determine your acceptance into the program.


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