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Union County College: An American Honors College

Union County College

American Honors

The American Honors program at Union County College is designed to help students earn bachelor’s degrees from their dream schools. Students who are accepted in to the American Honors program will have access to small class sizes under 20 students, classes taught by full-time faculty members, professional academic advising, transfer support, admission to numerous seminars and workshops, and access to the Honors lounge!
The American Honors Program helps students earn bachelor’s degrees from great schools.





years in the Honors Program at Union County College

years at a top college or university


Honors classes are small, seminar style classes that promote student engagement. Classes are limited to 20 students and are taught by the College’s most distinguished faculty. Honors classes focus on a learner centered pedagogy, enhancing critical thinking and inquiry.


Honors students have a dedicated academic specialist who provides personalized advisement and helps support their success. The academic specialist guides their students with registration through graduation, campus resources, and transfer.


The Honors Lounge serves as the center of the Honors program. Students meet here for study sessions, game nights, meetings, and events. Workshops, social events, alumni transfer panels, and faculty meet and greets are just a few ways that students can build relationships with faculty and peers.


Graduates of the American Honors Program at Union County College have transferred to top schools, including Columbia, Cornell, Mount Holyoke, Rutgers, and UCLA. These students receive significant support when applying to colleges and universities.


American Honors students… 

  • Have 3.25 cumulative GPA
    • If you are a first-time college student, your high school GPA will be reviewed
    • If you are transferring from another institution, your transferring GPA and high school GPA will be reviewed
    • If you are a current Union County College student, your current GPA will be reviewed
  • Test out of developmental courses
  • Are full-time students
  • Plan on graduating from Union County College
  • Plan on transferring to a 4-year institution after graduation
  • Take Honors course at the Cranford campus
  • Are not in Nursing, Certificate, or A.A.S. degree programs
    • These program requirements interfere with Honors course requirements
Free Application

Our program strives to recruit the best and brightest students. Your story and strong academic background are crucial aspects we use to evaluate your application. For full consideration, apply by August 15th for the Fall semester or by December 15th for the Spring semester.


*Tip: Have your transcripts and test scores ready

 (908) 497-4394



The admissions process consists of submitting a completed application, all education transcripts, test scores, and possible interview in which the Admissions Committee will then consider all aspects in a timely matter before the admissions decision is relayed to the applicant. This process could take up to several weeks and we appreciate your patience.