Operation Graduation and Project Achievement

Operation Graduation

Tinny Cheung, Rocio Francisco, May Kortbaoui, Valerie Wilbon

Operation Graduation works with a specific group of first time, full-time cohort students with the goal of on-time degree and certificate completion. Advisors monitor academic performance with semester progress notes through graduation, encourage timely registration of required courses, and assist with possible completion scholarships.

Project Achievement

Salim Williams, Clinton Miller Jr., and Dr. Lavon Williams

Project Achievement is the institution’s initiative dedicated to increasing the graduation rates of African American males. Using similar proactive advising strategies as Operation Graduation, advisors work one-on-one with students to promote on-time degree and certificate completion. Project Achievement includes a social programming component known as the Black Male Achievers program at Union County College. Various social engagement events are held on and off campus related to personal and professional development for Black men to foster a culture of student success.

Meet Our Staff – Operation Graduation


Tinny Cheung, Director of Student Success Initiatives

Focus: “My goal is to help students graduate on-time.”

Education: BA Psychology and Sociology, Kean University; MA Counselor Education, Kean University; Ed.D Educational Leadership (Anticipated conferral 2021), Rowan University

Email: tinny.cheung@ucc.edu

Call/Text: 908-316-8070

Virtual Office: https://unioncc.webex.com/meet/tinny.cheung


Rocio Francisco, Student Services Generalist

Focus: “My goal is to focus on dynamic advising strategies, help students accomplish their career goals, and help them graduate on time.”

Education: AS Liberal Studies, Union County College; BS Accounting, Kean University

Email: rocio.francisco@ucc.edu

Call/Text: 908-271-8717

Virtual Office: https://unioncc.webex.com/meet/rocio.francisco


May Kortbaoui, Student Services Specialist

Focus: “My goal is to help our students succeed and get to the finish line well-prepared for their next adventure.”

Education: BA Business, St. Joseph University; MBA, St. Joseph University

Email: kortbaoui@ucc.edu

Call/Text: 908-409-1037

Virtual Office: https://unioncc.webex.com/meet/kortbaoui


Valerie Wilbon, Student Services Generalist

Focus: “My goal is to advocate for students to have and use the various resources at Union County College to be as successful as they desire.”

Education: BA Sociology, Minors in Africana Studies and Music, Rutgers University

Email: valerie.wilbon@ucc.edu

Call/Text: 908-444-6482

Virtual Office: https://unioncc.webex.com/meet/valerie.wilbon

Meet Our Staff – Project Achievement

Salim Williams, Student Services Generalist

Focus: “I have a passion for guiding, exhorting, and motivating students to reach academic success.”

Education: AS Liberal Studies, Union County College; BS Criminal Justice and Minor in Psychology, Rutgers University

Email: salim.williams@ucc.edu

Call/Text: 646-580-7062

Virtual Office: https://unioncc.webex.com/meet/salim.williams


Dr. LaVon Williams, Student Services Generalist

Focus: “My goal is to remind students that they did not get this far, just to get this far!”

Education: AS Liberal Studies, SUNY Canton; BS Mass Media, SUNY Plattsburgh; MS Sports Management, SUNY Cortland; Ed.D Educational Leadership, Rowan University

Email: williams@ucc.edu

Call/Text: 908-368-1137

Virtual Office: https://unioncc.webex.com/meet/williams


Clinton Miller, Jr., Student Services Generalist

Focus: “My goal is to encourage everyone I encounter, of all ages, to be the very best that they can be as they strive to make a positive impact in the world in which they live because of the gifts, talents, and abilities that are resident within their very being.”

Education: BA Elementary Ed K-8, MA Behavioral Science, Kean University; MS Christian Counseling, Carin University

Email: clinton.miller@ucc.edu

Call/Text: 929-314-1238

Virtual Office: https://unioncc.webex.com/meet/clinton.miller