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Institutional Research

Student Right To Know

The following information is being provided as required under the Student-Right-to-Know Act (Public Law 101-542) and the Campus Security Act (Public Law 102-26).

Graduation and Transfer-out Rates

Union County College enrolled 1,549 first-time, full-time certificate- or degree-seeking students in the fall semester of 2014.  From this cohort of first-time, full-time students, a total of 373 students graduated within 150% of normal time to completion.  This calculation is used to determine the College’s graduation rate (24.1%). A total of 129 students transferred to another college or university without graduating from Union within 150% of normal time to completion. This calculation is used to determine the College’s transfer-out rate (8.3%).  A student who continues studies beyond 150% of normal time to completion is known as a persister.  From this same cohort, a total of 284 students continued their studies at Union County College in the subsequent semester, fall 2017 (18.3%).


In the fall of 2016, the College enrolled 1,362 first-time, full-time, degree- and certificate-seeking students.  From this cohort, a total of 930 students (68.3%) were retained in the following fall semester.

We invite you to explore the Institutional Research page which includes valuable enrollment data, such as the College’s Annual Institutional Profile, the Common Data Set, Disclosures for Student Athletes, Education and Career Outcomes, Gainful Employment Program Disclosures, Licensure and Credential Exam Pass Rates and Completion and Transfer-out Rates.