Developmental Courses

Remedial coursework prepares a student for study at the postsecondary level.  Schools are permitted to count up to one academic year’s worth of remedial courses as eligible for federal financial aid.

For the purpose of this limit, that is 30 semester hours.  Once a student has completed 30 TOTAL semester hours of remedial coursework, any additional hours of remedial courses cannot be included in financial aid eligibility.

At UCNJ, any courses with a Developmental (DV) designation are considered to be remedial courses, for financial aid purposes.  After a student has completed 30 credit hours of Developmental Coursework, any further hours are deducted from the student’s enrollment in a term.

  • Note: English as a Second Language (ESL) courses don’t count against the one-year limitation on remedial coursework mentioned above.

Example – a student, who has completed 30 Developmental Courses at UCNJ, enrolls in 12 credits in any term.  6 of these credits are additional Developmental Courses and 6 are “regular” credits.  For purposes of the Federal PELL Grant and Federal Direct Loans, the student can only receive awards for the 6 regular credits.

Important Note: In this example, the student would still have a tuition assessment for 12 credit hours.  The most likely scenario would be that the student will have a remaining balance from the term, as the financial aid permitted for the 6 “regular” credits would not be sufficient to cover the assessed tuition for 12 credit hours. Enrollment in Developmental Courses can also impact your Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Click here to review UCNJ’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.