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Union County College Admissions

Tuition Payment Plan

Up To Five Easy Payments

  • To ease the financial burden of attending, the College offers a Tuition Payment Plan.
  • Students who register for three or more credit/hours during Fall and Spring semesters may be eligible to participate in the Plan.
  • There is a non-refundable fee to participate.  The fee will be waived for students who sign up by the semester payment deadline.
  • Payments are due in monthly amounts.  The first payment plus the fee (if applicable) is required upon sign up.
    • Payment schedules are set by the College for each Fall/Spring semester.  Payments are due in from two to five monthly installments depending on when the plan is set-up.  If a student is eligible to participate, an initial payment of either 20%, 25% or 50% will be required at the time of set-up.
  • **NEW**  Starting for the Fall 2018 semester, students can use web services to set up a payment plan and make the required initial payment. Students can also make the remaining payments online through web services.
  • Students who do not make payment by the date(s) listed on the promissory note will be charged late fees. Once a late fee has been added to an account, the student may not be eligible to participate in the Plan in future semesters.