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Union County College


Under provisions of the “Chargeback Assistance Law” (Chapter 179, Public Laws of New Jersey, 1968; N.J.S.A. 18A:64A-23), a person who is a legal resident of a county in New Jersey and attends a County College in another New Jersey County may be eligible to pay In County tuition if:

A) a county college is not operating in the student’s county of residence.
B) a county college is operating in the student’s county of residence, but the person is not accepted for admission for one of the following reasons:

  • The course/curriculum (program) is not offered; or
  • Enrollment in the course/curriculum (program) was filled; or
  • The applicant did not meet the general admissions requirements of the college (disciplinary or academic suspension or academic probation excepted); or
  • The applicant did not meet the admissions requirements of the specific course/curriculum (program).

Union County Residents Attending an Out of County College
If you live in Union County and wish to take courses at another New Jersey County College, you may have Union County pay a portion of your tuition if you obtain a Union County Chargeback Application from the College’s Office of Admissions, Records and Registration.

If you believe that you qualify under the above provision, you may obtain procedural information by writing or visiting the Admissions Office and asking for Chargeback Application forms. You may also access this form from the Admissions/Records Forms page.

Residents of Other Counties attending UCC
If you live in New Jersey but outside of Union County, you may pay the UCC in-county tuition rate if you qualify for chargeback. You must provide the Union County College Office of Student Accounts with a properly signed Certification of Inability to Admit from your home county college and Certification of Residency forms.

The Certification of Inability to Admit must be completed by the Registrar or Admissions Officer of your home county college. The Certification of Residency form must be completed by the county fiscal officer (treasurer) of your home county.  Depending on your county of residency, these forms are normally good for either a single semester or a one-year period.

You may pay in-county tuition if you submit these forms at the time of registration. If you paid out-of-county tuition and subsequently file properly executed chargeback forms (within 30 days from the start of the semester), you will receive a credit that will reduce your tuition charge to the in-county rate. If you are eligible, a refund will be made to you when your home county has made payment to the College.

In the event that you are a qualified resident of a county that does not have a county college, the Certification of Inability to Admit is not required.