Transfer Services

Union College is excited to offer and invite you to our Transfer Events!

Transfer Events

Felician University Virtual Transfer Office

Transferring to a 4 Year School

Transfer Services at Union College is committed to assisting you with transfer to a four-year institution. Transfer services include assistance with:

  • enrolling in one of the Dual/Joint Admission programs
  • utilizing  Articulation Agreements
  •  transfer opportunities with four-year institutions of higher education
  •  the selection of programs for transfer
  •  planning your educational career
  •  transferring upon the completion of your AA or AS degree

Remember, transfer admission to a public four-year college is competitive and the Law does not guarantee that you will be accepted. 

Planning Your Transfer To Your 4 Year School

If this is your first year – it’s still very important to create a plan for your transfer!

Find out how your credits transfer to other in-state colleges and universities: visit

Take advantage of our instant decision days! Visit the Cranford Student Services Center in October if you are graduating in December and February if you are graduating in May to learn more!

  • Instant decision days allow for students to meet with an admissions representative from the school they are interested in transferring to, and have an acceptance decision on the spot

Prior to meeting with a transfer advisor, be sure to review the admissions requirements, course requirements and application deadline dates of the schools you are interested in applying to transfer into.

Questions? Contact Cynthia Roman