Student Laptop Loaner Program

UCNJ is offering part-time students (under 12 semester credits) the opportunity to apply for the college’s laptop loaner program. Supplies are limited and below “Student Laptop Loaner Agreement” conditions apply.

Student Laptop Loaner Agreement

Duration of Personal Loan:
UCNJ has provided this laptop to you only for the duration of mandatory online classes. The computer is a loaner and at all times remains the property of UCNJ. You must return this computer upon the earlier of either the end of mandatory online classes, if you withdraw from the College, or if notified to do so. This laptop is for your use only and loaning the laptop or charger to other individuals is strictly prohibited. Your personal username and password MUST NEVER be shared.

Preventing Laptop Defacement:
You will not remove or alter any UCNJ identification or inventory tabs attached to or displayed on the computer, nor shall the student change identification within the computer, such as the computer name. You may not deface or obscure the laptop’s serial number and manufacturer/district label. The student will not personalize or affix any decals, stickers, or any type of decorative materials to the laptop, and no paint, glue, or other substance is to be placed on the laptop. Configuration of the hardware equipment may not be altered, nor can non-College approved software be copied to or from the computer or installed on the computer under any circumstances.

In case of Loss or Damages:
The student agrees to keep the computer safe and secure. The student will assume the risk of loss, theft, destruction or damage. Any computer not returned or returned damaged will be charged the lesser of either the replacement cost or repair cost. Failure to return the laptop at the end of mandatory online instruction, when the student withdraws, or when instructed to do so will result in a $500 charge being placed on the student’s account with a mandatory hold on the account. Should a student fail to return a computer or return it in a damaged manner, the College may also proceed with legal action to collect this debt.
Any damage or theft to the computer will immediately be reported to no later than 24 hours after the incident.