Login Guide

What’s my UCC Username, Password, and ID Number?

Lookup your UCC USERNAME:

  • Check the welcome email you received from the college to your personal email account for "username" or "user id"

Try the Default UCC USERNAME:

  • Try the default username: firstname.lastname(All lower case letters e.g. 'john.smith')

Some individuals may have a number after his/her last name. This is because there are other individuals in the system with the same name. Also, if an individual has a very long name, a hyphenated name or Jr/Sr, the user name will be shortened to 20 characters.

Try the Default UCC Password:

  • Try the default password: UccMMDDYY

That’s capital U, small c, small c, and your date of birth in the format 2 numbers for the month, 2 numbers for the day, and the last 2 numbers
of the year. For example, if your birthday was April 25, 1994, your initial password would be 'Ucc042594'

View UCC ID NUMBER in Self Service:
Try the default password: UccMMDDYY(All lower case letters e.g. 'john.smith')

UCC ID Number is list as "Colleague ID" on above link.
(You must also know your UCC USERNAME and UCC PASSWORD in order to access Self Service)

View UCC ID NUMBER in on College ID Card
If you have a College ID/Library Card the UCC ID NUMBER is the 7 digit number listed on the card's front.

- Visit the Tech Support Knowledgebase and follow instructions for contacting TechSupport.