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Student & Employee FAQ’s

It is highly recommended that an individual request is made for each distinct type of service requested to ensure all needs are promptly and effectively addressed. For example, if a requestor is having issues with both their PC powering on and would also like to request access to a shared folder. To get both issues quickly remediated, this should be submitted as 2 separate requests as there are different groups working on each issue.

- View IT Support Request Procedure
Change Management Requests – A Change Management request is defined as something out of the ordinary scope of IT requests for a department or user. In a request for any of the following, a justified request must be sent from the department head (director or above) via email to

1. Software Access – Colleague access, new application requests, application access.
2. Specialty email access ‐ Departmental mailbox; Distribution list;
3. Data Requests ‐ Departmental folders; Data restorations.
4. Hardware Requests ‐ Request for new workstation(s); peripheral(s); IT related accessories.

HR and Legal Requests – A Human Resources (HR) or Legal request is defined as a request containing confidential or restricted information from IT. Any requests that coincide with the below categories are required to be requested by the appropriate staff members within HR, legal or appointed UCC officers via email to If the request is extremely confidential (e.g. requestor does not want more than a few people aware of the situation) The request will be sent directly to the CIO or Director to ensure confidentiality is maintained.
- Legal Requests – OPRA requests, EDiscovery.
- HR Requests ‐ Addition and termination of employee accts, Access to another users’ directory or email.

View the Login Guide
Login Guide provides steps for locating your UCC USERNAME, UCC PASSWORD, and UCC ID NUMBER.


Canvas is a learning management system that the college utilizes to provide students with online instruction.

Log in to Canvas
- Log In to Canvas via
- Log In to Canvas at
- Log In Guide for
Distance education students without a My Ucc account can only utilize the second link

Quick Start Guide
- Canvas Guide

Download the Canvas App
- App Store
- Android
Downloading the App will allow you to easily view Canvas resources on your mobile device.

The College has partnered with Cengage to provide affordable course materials via a digital book subscription.

Cengage Book Subcription Overview
- View additional subscription information at

Troubleshooting Guide
- Cengage troubleshooting guide

Contact Cengage Directly for Additional Assistance
- Submit ticket request via
- Submit ticket by calling Cengage at 1‐800‐354‐9706

- PDF of slides used in above Remote Teaching Video

Guides for Remote Teaching with Webex
- Best Practices for Successful Online Meetings with WebEx
- Scheduling Hybrid WebEx Classrooms via Outlook
- Scheduling Webex Meeting Through Canvas
- How to Check Attendance in Webex
- Using Webex for a Class Conference Level One

At the end of this lesson you will be able to;
Create a Webexmeeting in Canvas for your students to access
Start a meeting
Share your content/screen/website/videos
Record your content/play it back for students
Take attendance

Webex Meetings and Webex Teams provide secure video conferencing and instant massaging capabilities.

Getting Started
- How to Guides
Webex's site provides great guides on configuring every aspect of Webex Meetings and Webex Teams.

Webex Meetings

Guides for installing Webex Meetings
- Installation Guide, PC's
Review the pdf guide, which includes screenshots for how to navigate the installation.

- Installation Guide, App for phone or tablet
Review the pdf guide, which includes screenshots for how to navigate the installation.

Download Page
- Webex Download Page
Visit the Webex download site and select the appropriate download link for your device.

Webex Teams

Microsoft 365 products include Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint, among other others.

Log in to Office 365
- Access Microsoft Office 365 Apps via

Getting Started
- Microsoft Office 365 Free Installation
The link provides instructions for installing the Office 365 Suite guide on your home computer.

Owl's Nest is an intranet for Union County College students and employees.

Access Owl's Nest
- Visit Owl's Nest

Regroup is the college's emergency notification system. Regroup registered students and employees will receive emergency text and email messages from Union County College.

Sign up to receive Emergency Alerts on Regroup
- Access Regroup Account at

Anyone wishing to Opt-in to the Union County College Emergency Notification System can signup via the above link. Once completed the new member must confirm their Regroup account via the confirmation email sent to the email address entered during the sign up process.

Once the confirmation process is complete, the new member can login to their Regroup account add a phone number for text and voice message alerts from Regroup, or change what type of notifications they receive.

Colleague Self-Service is a learning management system that the college utilizes to provide students with online instruction.

Colleague Self-Service Log in Page
- Log In to Colleague Self-Service via

Hardware, Networks, & Authentication

Access Outlook Webmail
- Access email via

Getting Started Guide
- Student guide to accessing 365 email account

Configure Outlook Webmail
- Configure college email on phone or tablet

After no registration activity for 3 full semesters, student accounts are removed from all Union County College systems. If you have graduated from Union County College and would like an alumni email account, please complete the following form. After submitting the form your request will be verified and account information will be provided to the personal email address provided.

Click here to request your alumni email account
Or email "" subject line "Tech Support Alumni Email Request" copying, pasting, and completing below email content

Tech Support Alumni Email Request
Ticket type: {snow-case:ucc-alumni-email}

First Name: [complete this]

Last Name: [complete this]

Student ID Number: [complete this]

Original College Email Address: [complete this]

Personal Email Address: [complete this]

Phone: [complete this]

Year of Graduation: [complete this]

Additional Request Notes: [complete this]

How to connect to ""
- iOS
- Android OS
- Apple PC
- Windows PC
- Chromebook

Employee Desk Phones
Employees have either the Cisco IP 8800 or 7800 series phones.
- View Phone 8800 series Feature Documentation
- Phone 8800 series Tutorial (Video)
- Phone 7800 series Tutorial (Video)
Above resources include instructions for how to configure and use your phone.

Quick Start Guides
- Common Phone Tasks Cheat Sheet
- Voicemail Setup

Employee Conference Phones
- Cisco IP Conference Phone

Additional Resources
- Forwarding your Cisco phone through Webex Teams
Visit the "Webex" knowledge base drop down for additional information on configuring webex teams and meetings.

Submit Ticket if
- Need phone relocated
- Feature in documentation not working