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Union County College Admissions

Job Listings – Workstudy & Department Jobs

Welcome to the Job Listings for Union County College Student Workers.

Steps to Become a Student Worker at Union College:

Step 1:

Review the list of open Student Worker jobs; (click here for student job listing). Call the hiring manager for the job you are interested in to set up an appointment for an interview.  Once you are hired for a job, the hiring manager must give you Student Application Packet for completion.  All Student Application Packets must be completed in either blue or black ink (no pencil please). Any applications completed in pencil will be returned to the student.  The hiring manager must complete Section 2 of the Student Hiring Form (in your packet).

Step 2:

Meet with Teri Boyle (908-709-7494) in Financial Aid (on the Cranford Campus) to determine if you are eligible for Financial Aid and the Federal Work Study Program.

Step 3:

All completed Student Application Packets (for both FWS and non-FWS Student Workers) must be brought by you to Human Resources, along with your currently active IDs (no photo copies are allowed).  A list of government acceptable IDs are found along with the I-9 form in the Student Application Packet.