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Union County College Alumni

Union County College Alumni

When the Union Junior College was founded back in 1933, only 243 students were enrolled in classes held at the Abraham Clark High School in Roselle. Now, nearly 80 years later, Union County College encompasses 4 campuses, more than 35,000 students and it is still growing.

The one million plus alumni who have passed through the College’s halls include many accomplished and prestigious individuals, some of who went straight into the workforce and others who continued on to earn a four-year degree at colleges and universities across the country. We are proud of our alumni!

Membership in the Union County College Alumni Association not only allows you to demonstrate your pride in Union County  College, but there are exclusive benefits just for members. Additionally, your dues help support student scholarships, alumni programming and Union County College. Any graduate or student with 30 credits or more is eligible to join.

Union County College Alumni are also generous donors to the Shaping Our Future annual campaign, and support the Foundation’s special events. You can make a gift now. Alumni have established endowed scholarships, giving back to the college that gave them their start in higher education. Three alumni representatives serve on the College’s Board of Governors.

The newsletter Union Reunion is mailed three times a year to all alumni whose addresses are in the alumni computer. Current issues of the newsletter are available online. Use the bound in envelope inside the newsletter to send in personal or career news, or an address change.

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