Faculty and Staff Directory


Staff Directory
Name Title Phone Area
Ardila, OlgaLucia Payroll Accountant 908-709-7053 Controller
Bopalkar, Babita Junior Accountant 908-709-7056 Controller
Jarosz, Jacqueline Finance Operations Manager 908-709-7052 Controller
Kane, Jane Director, Financial Operations & Grants Accounting 908-709-7169 Controller
Karim, Melissa Payroll Analyst 908-709-7051 Controller
Lenardson, Carol Grant Accountant 908-709-7591 Controller
Lordi, Susan Accounting Clerk 908-709-7055 Controller
Pereira, Paula Senior Accountant 908-497-4319 Controller
Reis, Valeriya Accountant 908-709-7552 Controller
Sousa, Marlene Director, Financial Reporting and Budget 908-709-7583 Controller